El Creston Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association

Background of El Creston MDWCA

The official name is El Creston Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association. It is a non-profit, government regulated, cooperative utility, managed by an elected board accountable to its members. Its only functions are water and wastewater. It was formed initially in 2004 and reorganized in 2009 to deal with the loss of over a dozen household wells in the area.

El Creston is recognized by the state government to develop and run a water distribution system for the area roughly between Sheridan and State Highway 283. Its first act was to declare an emergency and get water to those in its service area whose wells had gone dry. Its next tasks are finding water sources and laying down a system for distribution of that water to homes in the area. Then it will maintain and run the water system, just as is done in cities and towns all over the nation.