El Creston Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association

Welcome to El Creston MDWCA

Welcome to the official web site of El Creston Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association, a public water utility formed under the New Mexico Sanitary Projects Act.

To learn more about us, what we're doing, and how to join, use the links to the left.

El Creston will develop a system that reliably brings clean, regularly tested water to homes throughout the area. This will be done using government grants and loans. Homeowners pay an initial fee to join (currently $250), an annual assessment fee, and a hook-up fee when water is available to bring water from the pipes into their homes. After that, billing will be monthly. Offsetting these costs is the benefit of having clean, reliable water every day of the year.


Safe, Reliable Water

Safe, reliable water for drinking and other household uses is not the only benefit of El Creston's system.

Fire safety

Fire fighting will be easier with hydrants located throughout our neighborhoods. Fire trucks will not need to rely on storage of water in their on-board tanks. This will lower your fire insurance rates.

Family Value

Handing down your land in a better state than it is in now is an admirable ambition. When you join the El Creston water system, you are taking a big step toward doing so. By providing your family with land that has been improved by a reliable, clean and tested water source, it will automatically be worth more to those who will own it in the future.

Public Records Requests

Public Records requests to El Creston MDWCA should be sent to:
El Creston Mutual Domestic Water Consumer's Association
PO Box 931
Las Vegas, NM 87701
Or emailed to: secretary@elcreston.org